Environmental Contributors to Breast Cancer: The Underlying Science and Opportunities for Action

June 22, 2017
1:00 pm US Eastern Time

On this teleconference, Meg Schwarzman, MD, MPH will discuss environmental contributors to breast cancer including endocrine disruption and the developmental origins of adult disease and will identify common environmental pollutants and consumer product chemicals that may act as endocrine disrupting compounds. We will also discuss opportunities for individual and collective action to reduce exposure to potential breast carcinogens.

Featured Speaker

Meg Schwarzman, MD, MPH, is Associate Director of Health and Environment for the interdisciplinary Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry. She is an Environmental Health Scientist in UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health where her research and teaching focuses on endocrine disrupting chemicals –including environmental contributors to breast cancer—U.S. and European chemicals policy, and strategies for applying environmental health knowledge to the design and selection of safer chemicals and materials. Dr. Schwarzman also practices medicine part time.

This call will be hosted by the CHE-Alaska Partnership. It will last for 60 minutes and be recorded for the call and webinar archive.