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CHE follows scientific research on any health concern linked to environmental contributors, which means everything besides hereditary factors that can impact health. We include social determinants of health under this umbrella, recognizing that poverty and other social stressors—along with chemical exposures, radiation and other factors—are all part of the environment in which we are born, grow and live.

Research and Resources

The health outcomes listed below are those that CHE has focused on over the years due to the weight of the scientific evidence, organizational leadership in a particular sector and/or the scale of the public health impact. When you click on any one of these diseases or disabilities, you gain access to multiple resources that CHE provides as well as links to relevant materials on other key sites.

Asthma Research and Resources

Birth Defects Research and Resources

Cancer Research and Resources

Cardiovascular Disease Research and Resources

Children's Health Research and Resources

Diabetes Research and Resources

Learning and Developmental Diseases Research and Resources

Obesity Research and Resources

Reproductive Health Research and Resources


You may also want to peruse our 2011 Toxicant and Disease Database. It is searchable by disease/disabilities and summarizes the state of evidence about links between hundreds of toxicants and dozens of diseases, including many not listed here. In addition, you will find links to other databases that have other useful resources on chemicals that can impact human development and lifelong health. 



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