Environmental Health

Environmental health is the field of public health focused on how chemicals, toxins, and other factors that people encounter every day impact health and how those impacts can be lessened. Everything someone eats, drinks, breathes, touches, sees, and experiences in their daily life affects their health. The goal of environmental health scientists and researchers is to make those exposures and interactions more beneficial and less harmful.

Environmental health professionals look at exposures that may be hazardous to human health and determine how and why they affect health. The next step, and a large part of CHE’s mission, is to share that information widely so that people know what to avoid and how to they can make healthier decisions for themselves, their families, and the communities in which they live.

More about Environmental Health can be found on the following pages:

Health, Diseases & Disabilities

Information here talks about how environmental risks have been linked to a variety of health issues, diseases, and disabilities.

Environmental Risks

This section talks about different substances can act as risks to human health.


These pages give background on key terms and phenomenons that occur in environmental health and public health more generally.

In the News

A series of links to news articles that talk about relevant environmental health topics.

Explore Further

Even more resources to explain and learn about environmental health.