Webinar and Call Archive

Since 2002, CHE has hosted conference calls and webinars that span a wide variety of topics related to the latest environmental health science. These virtual gatherings are a cornerstone of our mission to help protect the health of families, children and communities by amplifying and discussing emerging science on environmental factors that contribute to disease and disability. 

This archive includes webinar and call recordings, accompanying slides and resources, and information on the presenters.


December 7, 2004

Environmental Health Policy: The Post-Election Landscape

November 16, 2004

True Grit: How Particulate Matter in Air Affects Our Health

October 12, 2004

Safe Chemicals: CHE Partner Initiatives

September 23, 2004

Obesity: The Silent Environmental Epidemic

July 29, 2004

The Paris Appeal: Calling Attention to the Role of Environmental Contaminants in Cancer

June 30, 2004

Birth Defects and Environmental Contaminants

May 11, 2004

Moving Away from Mercury - Why and How

April 20, 2004

State of the Science on Parkinson's Disease

March 18, 2004

Chemical Contaminants and Human Disease: a Summary of Evidence

February 19, 2004

Learning and Developmental Disabilities

January 21, 2004

Gene Expression and Environmental Health