Reflections and Recommendations from the Alaska Children's Environmental Health Summit

December 14, 2016
1:00 pm US Eastern Time

12.14CHEAKACATCALLKidsEarlier this fall, Alaska Community Action on Toxics (ACAT) convened the first Children's Environmental Health Summit in Alaska to address growing concerns about disproportionate exposures to environmental contaminants experienced by children in the circumpolar north.

Health care providers, luminaries in environmental health research, and long-dedicated health advocates from around the country gave presentations focusing on critical children's environmental health concerns. Participants also heard from Alaska-based community leaders whose communities have been significantly impacted by exposures to toxic chemicals. Day two of the conference was devoted to work group discussions in the areas of policy, research, health care, education and outreach and the environment.

CHE AK LogoJoin ACAT executive director, Pam Miller to hear the recommendations and actions of the work groups and to find out how you can help protect the health of children "at the top of the world." Elise Miller, Director of the Collaborative on Health and the Environment will also share her reflections from the summit and recommendations for moving forward.

This call will be hosted by the CHE-Alaska Partnership. It will last for 1 hour and be recorded for the CHE call archive.