Report from the Cancun Climate Change Talks: NGOs Promote Health and Partner for Future Action

February 10, 2011
1:00 pm US Eastern Time

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Read Pastor Peters' written remarks. He was unable to participate in the call due to technical challenges. He welcomes comments and questions.

PowerPoint slides

HEAL/HCWH Europe report: Acting NOW for better health: a 30% reduction target for EU climate policy. The report includes quantification of health co-benefits for 16 EU countries.

Cancun climate and health statement: Climate change and health: The time to act is now

Postcard: What is good for climate is good for health + the economy

Article by Michael Wilks from the blog of the British Medical Journal: Climate change and health--time for a new narrative

Article in the ECO Newsletter at Cancun: Health and Climate

Article in The Lancet medical journal: Managing the health effects of climate change

Lancet series on climate change and health

Climate TV in Cancun: Hugh Montgomery, University College London gives his thoughts on the COP16 Climate Talks and the relationship between climate and health

Health and fiscal co-benefits of emissions reductions: a summary or negotiators

Article in the Nation by Mark Hertsgaard: Reason for Optimism out of the Cancun Climate Summit?

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Despite scant and discouraging media coverage of the United Nation’s Climate Change talks in Cancun last December, a number of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and health and medical groups can attest that COP16 was in fact good for human health. Movement towards greater inclusion of health in global climate change decisions at the meetings in Cancun was in large part catalyzed by energetic new projects and partnerships among NGOs based in Europe, Africa and the US and the increasing evidence of both the health impacts from climate change and the increasingly quantified health benefits of ambitious climate action.

CHE hosted three active leaders in that process in this teleconference call to share how the momentum from Copenhagen to Cancun is being carried forward into 2011 towards collaborative activities promoting health in the run up to COP17 in Durban, South Africa, and beyond. In particular, the speakers focused on ways CHE partners and anyone concerned with these issues can become involved in projects that support putting health at the heart of climate negotiations and decisions.

Featured Speakers

Update 2/11/11: Pastor Peters Omoragbon has submitted his written remarks as he was unable to make the call as scheduled. His remarks are available at the background information/resources link above.