CHE-WA meeting: Environmental Health in the Media: Developing Effective Messages and Getting Better Coverage of Your Issues

February 1, 2011
1:00 pm US Eastern Time

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Sian Wu's presentation

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Presentations and thought pieces on various communications issues 

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Sian Wu of Seattle’s Resource Media talked about their work to increase the profile of key environmental health campaigns.

About Resource Media

Resource Media provides communications strategy and media services to nonprofits, foundations and others who are working to protect communities, public health and the environment. They work closely with partners to craft and implement effective communication strategies designed to reach key audiences and decision makers to build support for sound policies and practices.

About Sian Wu

Since 2004, Sian has coordinated media outreach and strategy efforts across almost all of Resource Media’s program areas through the Seattle office. Her current post is with the Oceans and Public Health teams where she has been able to work with a host of diverse communities, from Latinos in California and Vietnamese immigrants in Seattle on public health and environmental justice to Native Americans in Colorado opposed to destructive mining practices. Her credits include working with the national women’s environmental health group Women’s Voices for the Earth on creating and executing a strategy around removing toxic chemicals used in cleaning products. Prior to joining Resource Media, Sian was a translator, editor and reporter for local ethnic newspapers and magazines, and has served as the board president of the International Examiner, the Northwest’s first Asian American news journal. She has degrees in English literature and Chinese and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.