CHE Cafe Call: Living Downstream: A Conversation with Sandra Steingraber and Chanda Chevannes

October 12, 2010
1:00 pm US Eastern Time

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Information about educational materials that can be used by institutions and organizations in conjunction with the film can be found at: http://www.livingdownstream.com/order_the_dvd.php

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The recently released documentary Living Downstream explores the impact of environmental toxins on human health. This feature-length film focuses on the work of Dr. Sandra Steingraber, ecologist, author and cancer survivor. Based on Dr. Steingraber’s 1997 book of the same name, Living Downstream follows Sandra over the course of one pivotal year as she works to break the silence about cancer and its environmental links, and as she finds herself in a period of medical uncertainty about whether her cancer has recurred. CHE hosted a conversation with Dr. Steingraber and the film’s producer and director, Chanda Chevannes.

The call was moderated by Elise Miller, MEd, CHE Director.