On the Ground in the Gulf Coast: A Conversation with Wilma Subra and Michael Lerner

August 12, 2010
1:00 pm US Eastern Time

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Wilma Subra is one of the foremost resource scientists for low-income communities in the Gulf Coast. This MacArthur Prize-winning chemist has dedicated her career to helping low-income communities get the facts they need about their chemical exposures and the implications for their health. She has worked tirelessly since the BP oil disaster to help communities and disaster workers understand their exposures. Wilma spoke with the CHE community, updating us on the human health impacts of the oil spill, including the toll on fishing communities, the impacts of dispersants, the testing for safety of seafood and many other important concerns.

Michael Lerner, Vice-Chair and co-founder of the Collaborative on Health and the Environment, moderated the call.