Battle Scars: Findings from the Federal Report on Gulf War Veterans' Illness

April 6, 2009
1:00 pm US Eastern Time

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In November 2008, a federal panel issued a report concluding that the long-contested Gulf War Veterans Illness (also known as Gulf War Syndrome) is a real illness.

On Monday, April 6 CHE Partners participated in an in-depth exploration of the federal report on Gulf War Veterans Illness, the controversy, the long struggle for recognition, and the report's implications for research and veterans' health care going forward.

Featured Speakers

  • Jim Binns, Chairman, Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illness
  • Paul Sullivan, Director, Veterans for Common Sense
  • Dr. Kim Sullivan, Scientific Coordinator, Research Advisory Committee at Boston University School of Public Health

The call was moderated by Steve Heilig, MPH, Director of Public Health and Education at the San Francisco Medical Society and CHE.