Sick Plastic, Sick People? The Science and Policy of Bisphenol A

May 7, 2008
12:00 pm US Eastern Time

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The recent firestorm of controversy over the safety of BPA, a plastics hardener used in many products, including baby bottles and dental sealant, has prompted critical examination of the process by which chemicals are deemed safe for human use. In many ways, the BPA debate is emblematic of a larger struggle over whether a precautionary or a proof-of-harm approach to chemical regulatory policy will prevail in the United States and abroad. This call featured scientists, advocates and policymakers who have been on the front lines of this important and fascinating issue.

The call was moderated by Charlotte Brody, RN, Executive Director of Commonweal.

Featured Speakers

  • Pete Myers, PhD, CEO, Environmental Health Sciences
  • Fred vom Saal, PhD, Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Rick Smith, PhD, Executive Director, Environmental Defense Canada
  • Richard Wiles, MA, Executive Director, Environmental Working Group
  • Mia Davis, MA, National Grassroots Coordinator, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Clean Water Action