What the Pink?! Protecting the Breasts You Love

September 2, 2015
10:00 am US Eastern Time

On this call, experts discussed the breast cancer movement, the science linking toxic environmental chemicals and breast cancer, and prioritizing prevention through policy reform. On this call we will explore a range of topics, including the importance of democratizing the science, a recent study conducted by Silent Spring Institute on a new approach to identify chemicals that raise the risk of breast cancer and the importance of reforming the country's outdated Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Our goal is to inspire you to make choices that eliminate contaminants linked to cancer from your home and community. We also hope you will join the many breast cancer prevention advocates across the country who are working for public policies to reduce the risks of breast cancer.

Featured Speakers

Janet Ackerman, Silent Spring Institute

Nancy Buermeyer, Senior Policy Strategist, Breast Cancer Fund

Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director, Breast Cancer Action

Pamela Miller, Executive Director, Alaska Community Action on Toxics

The call lasted for one hour and was recorded for archival purposes.