CHE Asthma Call: Diesel, ‘Alternatives,’ and Our Health

December 10, 2007
12:00 pm US Eastern Time

Slides & Resources

Additional resources of interest:

Relation between Lung Cancer Mortality and Driver Licenses Issued in United States of America, from the NCHC public use file and the US Department of Transportation.

Auto Emissions Killing Thousands
, by Julio Goday, Common Dreams News Center, June 3, 2004.

Auto emissions which can cause lung cancer, from The Alliance For A Clean Environment.

Biodiesel and diesel chemicals in comparison, from Canadian CHE Partner Leo Petrilli (PDF Format)

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This call was a discussion with participants on the topic of diesel, the new “alternatives,” and the impacts on our health.

Featured Speakers

  • Dr. Donald Lucas, Staff Scientist, Environmental Energy Technologies Division of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
  • Celeste Monforton, MPH, Research Associate, George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Health Services.

The moderator of this hour-long call was Christine Cordero, Community Health Program Coordinator, Center for Environmental Health.