Nutrition and Toxicants in Autoimmune Disease: Implications for Prevention and Treatment

June 17, 2014
3:00 pm US Eastern Time

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A large number of autoimmune diseases are recognized. They are the third most common category of disease after cancer and heart disease and are a leading cause of death and disability. They are complex diseases, caused by interactions among genetic, epigenetic, and environmental factors over time. Conventional treatments generally involve immune suppression, which does not address the root causes of immune dysfunction. Emerging evidence and clinical experience demonstrate that nutrition and lifestyle factors may reduce incidence, enhance resilience, or assist in recovery. On this call three distinguished CHE Partners offered perspectives on this important subject.

Featured Speakers

Ted Schettler, MD, is Science Director for CHE and the Science and Environmental Health Network. He is author of The Ecology of Breast Cancer. His work focuses on ecological approaches to health and illness.



Cynthia Li, MD, is a Bay Area clinician with a practice in functional medicine who treats many patients with complex chronic conditions, integrating internal medicine with lifestyle medicine.



RebeccaKratzRebecca Katz, MS, is Director of the Healing Kitchens Institute at Commonweal and author of three best-selling cookbooks including The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen and The Longevity Kitchen.

The conversation was facilitated by Michael Lerner, president of Commonweal and co-founder of CHE. The call lasted for one hour and was recorded for archival purposes.