Climate Change Vulnerability and Cumulative Impacts

February 16, 2012
1:00 pm US Eastern Time

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Dr. English's presentation slides (|PDF)

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California Environmental Health Tracking Program: working to improve public health by delivering science-based information on the trends and distributions of diseases and environmental threats, as well as the often complex relationship between them.

Racial and Income Disparities in Relation to a Proposed Climate Change Vulnerability Screening Method for California, P. English, et al

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The Cumulative Impacts Working Group hosted this call.

Paul English, PhD, MPH, and his team at the California Environmental Health Investigations Branch have developed an innovative  method to screen for climate change population vulnerability. The screening method can be easily implemented in regions where climate vulnerability is a key concern. Climate vulnerability includes three factors: exposure, population sensitivity and adaptive capacity. Dr. English discussed findings from his study in two California communities that identified high-risk populations within these communities by assessing and quantifying climate change impacts based on population vulnerability and other cumulative stressors.

The call was moderated by Elise Miller, MEd, CHE Director.