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20 Years of Amplifying Science for Health

CHE celebrated its 20th year in 2022, marking the milestone in various ways throughout the year. Below are some highlights of our 20th anniversary activities.

Thank you so much for being part of the CHE community!

Gathering to Celebrate

We gathered for a half-day celebration at Commonweal on Saturday, November 12. The afternoon featured reflections, storytelling and strategizing with environmental health leaders. Shore birdVideo recordings are now available of each "fireside chat" discussion, click through below to listen in.

Much appreciation to all the panelists — and to everyone who joined us to help celebrate this milestone, in person and online. For those who were able to be there in person, we enjoyed a sneak preview of Pete Myers' photo exhibit Bird life on the beach.

Listening to CHE Cafés

We hosted a series of informal, online conversations with leading thinkers, researchers and innovators in the field of environmental health and justice. Click below to view the recordings.

Hearing from leaders in the field

We shared thought pieces from leaders in the environmental health field on the CHE blog, starting with a message from one of CHE's co-founders and our new director. Check our blog page for ongoing updates!

Keeping CHE going strong!

Support from the CHE community keeps our work moving forward. Please consider an online donation of $30 or more; we invite you to consider a monthly gift, which provides steady support throughout the year. Thank you!