CHE Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Strategies Partnership

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In 2014, we agreed to work with three CHE partner organizations—the Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX), Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) and Commonweal Biomonitoring Resource Center (CBRC)—to initiate a series of CHE-hosted teleconference calls focused on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) research. The CHE EDC Strategy Partnership formed and now organizes monthly calls exploring EDC exposure pathways, linkages to health outcomes and protocols for identifying chemical substances with endocrine-disrupting capacities.

The Partnership emerged in response to the interests and requests expressed by various constituents of the three organizations. TEDX has long been a leader in defining the field of endocrine disruption science, based on and continuing the work of founder Dr. Theo Colborn. Carol Kwiatkowski, executive director of TEDX, continues to expand Dr. Colborn’s work. HEAL is a network of public interest groups in the European Union concerned with environmental health threats, with a sharp focus on EDCs in products and the EDC regulations within the EU. Genon Jensen, executive director of HEAL, heads the EDC Free Europe coalition’s campaign to support effective and health-promoting EDC regulations within the EU. CBRC conducts environmental monitoring for chemicals with EDC properties in affected US communities, including fire fighters, farmworkers and populations living near oil and gas production sites. Directed by Sharyle Patton, CBRC research provides the robust exposure data necessary to leverage awareness and guide decision making among communities, health care providers, regulatory agencies and others.


The goals of the EDC Strategy Partnership are as follows:

  • Present emerging and significant EDC research to a diverse audience;
  • Support discussion of the implications of EDC research to human and ecosystem health; and
  • Share relevant findings for clinical and policy agendas.

Several of CHE’s ScienceServs discuss the health impacts of EDCs, as shown at the right, and sponsor other teleconference calls on which EDC research is discussed.

Teleconference Calls

The EDC Strategies Partnership calls last thirty minutes, with each call featuring a notable EDC scientist whose presentation is followed by a discussion with call participants. The calls are publicized through the websites of each of the co-chairs as well as through CHE’s network. The calls are recorded and archived along with the slide presentations and are easily accessible on the CHE website. The EDC call archive is at the top left of this page.