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The CHE Toxicant and Disease Database is a searchable database that summarizes links between chemical contaminants and approximately 180 human diseases or conditions. Diseases and or toxicants can be viewed by utilizing the search options below. See a full description of the database and our methodology.

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tobacco smoke (active smoking)

Diseases linked to this toxicant    Grouped by strength of evidence

Strong Evidence

Asthma - irritant

Bladder cancer

Breast cancer

Bronchitis - chronic

Cerebrovascular disease (stroke)

Cervical cancer

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

Coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, atherosclerosis

Esophageal cancer

Fetotoxicity (miscarriage / spontaneous abortion, stillbirth)

Immune suppression

Laryngeal cancer

Lung cancer

Myocardial infarction (heart attack)

Nasopharyngeal / sino-nasal cancer

Pancreatic cancer

Preterm delivery

Reduced fertility - female (infertility and subfertility)

Renal (kidney) cancer

Stomach cancer

Good Evidence

Abnormal sperm (morphology, motility, and sperm count)

Adult-onset leukemias

Early onset menopause

Hormonal changes (levels of circulating sex hormones - FSH/LH, Inhibin, and/or estrogens, progesterones, androgens, prolactin)

Myelodysplastic syndrome (pre-leukemia)


Reduced fertility - male (infertility and subfertility)

Limited Evidence

Hepatocellular cancer (liver cancer)


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