Some databases that CHE finds useful, in addition to our own Toxicant and Disease Database


World Health Organization World Health Organization:
International Programme on Chemical Safety 

International Programme on Chemical Safety:
Introduction to INCHEM
(background information)

European Chemicals Agency

European Chemicals Agency:
Information on Chemicals
REACH/European Chemicals Agency Databases (background information)

National Library of Medicine US National Library of Medicine:
Simultaneously search more than a dozen databases
Agency on Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry:
Toxic Substances Portal (ToxFAQs™)
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences National Toxicology Program:
Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS)
Management Status Report
Annotated Environmental Health Economic Analysis Bibliography
US Environmental Protection Agency US Environmental Protection Agency:
The HERO Database
Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Pollutant Loading Tool
Chemical and Substance Resources
Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program
Chemical Hazards and Alternative Toolbox IUE-CWA, the Industrial Division of the Communications Workers of America and the BlueGreen Alliance:
Chemical Hazards and Alternative Toolbox

Clean Production Action:
GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals Assessment Reports (for purchase)
GreenScreen List Translator, an abbreviated version of the full GreenScreen method that can be automated

The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX):
TEDX List of Potential Endocrine Disruptors

Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide Action Network North America:
Pesticide Database


Healthy Building Network Pharos Project:
Chemical and Material Library (subscription-based)

Public Health

World Health Organization World Health Organization
Library and Information Networks for Knowledge Database (WHOLIS)
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
County Health Rankings University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation:
County Health Rankings
Beyond Pesticides

Beyond Pesticides:
Pesticide-Induced Diseases Database

Policy & Legislation

Chemicals Policy & Science Initiative Lowell Center for Sustainable Production Chemicals Policy & Science Initiative:
US State Chemicals Policy
National Conference of State Legislatures National Conference of State Legislatures:
50-State Searchable Bill Databases

Consumer Products

Household Products Database

National Institutes of Health and National Library of Medicine: Household Products Database
Environmental Working Group Environmental Working Group:
Skin Deep Cosmetics Database
Good Guide Good Guide

General Data

DATA.gov US Government: