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ethyl alcohol (ethanol)

CAS number: 64-17-5

Diseases linked to this toxicant    Grouped by strength of evidence

Strong Evidence

Acute hepatocellular injury (hepatitis)s

ADD/ADHD, hyperactivity

Behavioral problems

Breast cancer

Cardiac congenital malformations


Cognitive impairment (includes impaired learning, impaired memory, and decreased attention span) / mental retardation / developmental delay

Congenital malformations - general

Cranio-facial malformations

Delayed growth

Esophageal cancer

Fetal alcohol syndrome / fetal solvent syndrome

Fetotoxicity (miscarriage / spontaneous abortion, stillbirth)

Hearing loss

Hepatocellular cancer (liver cancer)

Hormonal changes (levels of circulating sex hormones - FSH/LH, Inhibin, and/or estrogens, progesterones, androgens, prolactin)

Laryngeal cancer

Low birth weight / small for gestational age / intra-uterine growth retardation


Porphyria (toxic)

Psychiatric disturbances (disorientation, hallucinations, psychosis, delirium, paranoias, anxiety/depression, emotional lability, mood changes, euphoria)

Reduced fertility - male (infertility and subfertility)

Skeletal malformations

Steatosis (fatty liver)

Testicular toxicity

Good Evidence

Menstrual disorders (abnormal bleeding, short cycles, long cycles, irregular cycles, painful periods)

Myelodysplastic syndrome (pre-leukemia)

Oral cancer

Oral clefts (cleft lip and palate)

Limited Evidence

Abnormal sperm (morphology, motility, and sperm count)

Color vision disturbance

Genito-urinary malformations (includes male and female)


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