CHE-Washington Partnership

The goal of this partnership is to promote the cross-pollination of ideas and opportunities between different sectors concerned with the environmental contributors to chronic health problems in order to create a safe and healthy future for all in the Northwest

CHE-WA 2013 forum baby

This partnership explores the emerging science on environmental health, justice and education relevant to people living in Washington State with a special focus on children’s environmental health issues. We provide a space for health professionals, scientists, researchers, community groups, government agents and health-affected individuals and families to connect, share and discuss new research findings, prevention strategies and interventions on a wide range of environmental drivers of health and disease outcomes relevant to the children. You can participate in this partnership through both the ScienceServ and by attending monthly meetings.

Meeting Materials

Open meeting notes and presentation slides.

In-person meetings are held monthly on the second Thursday of the month from September through June at a rotating location in and around Seattle and can be attended virtually. These meetings provide opportunities to network with colleagues, share ideas and hear presentations from leading researchers and other experts. Please join this partnership to receive meeting announcements.

The in-person meetings are led by Nicole Thomsen, Environmental Public Health Planner III, King County. You can contact meeting administrators through this email address: che-wa@googlegroups.com.

The ScienceServ is moderated by Hannah Donart, CHE’s program manager.

CHE does not take a stance on specific legislation nor sign petitions and the like. Rather, we investigate and discuss the scientific foundation for more health-protective policies in a civil tone. For posting guidelines and etiquette, please see our CHEtiquette.


To join this partnership, please join as a CHE partner and check the CHE-Washington option. Current CHE partners can send an email request to chewa-subscribe@lists.healthandenvironment.org to be added to this partnership. Current subscribers can send messages to the ScienceServ at this address chewa@lists.healthandenvironment.org.

CHE-Washington Activities

Northwest Children's Environmental Health Forums

CHE-Washington presented forums in 2009, 2011 and 2013. View forum descriptions and materials.

CHE-Washington-Created Tools

The CHE-Washington working group has created several tools focused on education and outreach around children’s environmental health.

Cleaning for Health in the Classroom

CHEWAScienceServClassroomCleaningKit - Copy These tools support a training for teachers and school staff to reduce toxic exposures in the classroom:

Northwest Hazardous Material Management Association Conference Workshop—2015

These training tools provide an overview of reducing exposures before, during, and after pregnancy:

Washington State Environmental Health Association Training

CHE-WA partners investigating toys for hazards

CHE-Washington partners investigate toys for hazards.

This training set focuses on healthy homes and reducing chemical exposure in the home living environment:

Home Show Outreach

CHE-Washington working group members created this presentation to bring awareness to the dangers of lead-based paint exposure during home renovation and remodeling:

How to Plan a Forum Manual

This manual was developed by the CHE-Washington Partnership as a resource for other organizations who wish to host a forum.

Spokane River Toxics and Human Health: A Workshop on Toxics in the River and Their Implications for Human Health

At this June 28, 2008, workshop held in Spokane, Washington, scientists shared what is known about toxics detected in river sediments (PCBs, PBDEs, heavy metals, etc.) and explored what this might mean about risks to human health. See more on the Conferences webpage.

Research & Information Group Clearinghouse, 2006

There is growing scientific evidence that human health is affected by the health of the environment. A 2006 report by the World Health Organization, "Preventing Disease Through Healthy Environments: Towards an Estimate of the Environmental Burden of Disease 2006", estimated that almost a quarter of global disease is caused by environmental exposures which can be averted. The report further estimated that more than 33 percent of disease in children under the age of five is caused by environmental exposures.

The CHE-Washington Research & Information Working Group, under the direction of Dr. Kate Davies, created a series of fact sheets summarizing a collection of sources of scientific information on health and environmental quality in Washington State.


*Header image: Gail Gensler at NW Children's Environmental Health Forum