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Journal Issues

CHE's work has been the focus of these issues of the journal of the San Francisco Medical Society, with CHE partners contributing much of the content. Issues from 2002 and 2004 are not available electronically.

2016 San Francisco Medicine

December 2016 San Franciso Medicine

2014 San Francisco Medicine

November 2014 San Franciso Medicine

  • The First 1,000 Days: A Healthy Return on Investment, p. 10
  • Exposure to Toxic Chemicals: Reproductive Health Professionals Speak about the First 1,000 Days, p. 12
  • Our Mixed Environment: Chemical Soup and Breast Cancer, p. 15
  • Herbicides Linked to Cancer: A Very Mixed Blessing from Modern Agriculture, p. 17
  • A New Era: Climate Change and Human Health, p. 20
  • Climate Action and Health: The New Deal for Our Health and Our Children's Health, p. 22
  • Fukushima and Fish: Responding to Concerns Regarding Radiation in California, p. 24
  • Meat and the Microbiome: From Farm to Fork to Gut, p. 25
  • A New Era for Environmental Health: The Collaborative on Health and the Environment Consensus Statement, p. 27
2012 San Francisco Medicine

June 2012 San Franciso Medicine

  • Environmental Health: A Decade of Progress, p. 12
  • Reducing Cancer Risk, p. 13
  • Environmental Chemicals: Evaluating Low-Dose Effects, p. 14
  • Environmental Chemicals: Large Effects from Low Doses, p. 15
  • Considering BPA: State of the Art or Willful Ignorance? p. 17
  • The Diabetes Epidemic: Environmental Chemical Exposure in Etiology and Treatment, p. 18
  • Toxic Matters and Fertility: What Can a Doctor Do? p. 20
  • Scientific Evolution of Autism: Trends and Patient Advice, p. 23
  • Fukushima's Lessons: The Dangers of Nuclear Power, p. 25
  • Assessing Toxin Risk: Improvements Needed to Protect Human Health from Chemicals, p. 26
  • The European Example: What Have We Learned about Health and the Environment? p. 28
  • Electromagnetic Fields: The Effect on Human Health, p. 30
  • Biomonitoring Update, p. 31
  • New Online Data Tool: Local Environmental Health Data Now Available Online, p. 32
  • Ecological Health: Complex Science, New Models, and Public Health, p. 33
2010 San Francisco Medicine

April 2010 San Franciso Medicine

  • A Climate Change for the Better, p. 12
  • From Out in the World to Under the Skin, p. 13
  • Scientific Support for Endocrine Disruption, p. 15
  • Can Plastic Hurt You? p. 17
  • The Weight of Evidence: Chemicals and Obesity, p. 19
  • Is Ignorance Bliss? Measuring My Own Toxins, p. 20
  • Mercury Update 2010, p. 22
  • Chemical Policy Reform: A Clinical Perspective, p. 23
  • The Navigation Guide: The Science Behind Practice, p. 25
  • Taking Action to Prevent Harm: County Medical Associations, p. 27
  • Vitamin D and Calcium, p. 28
  • Biomonitoring Update, p. 31
  • Counting Roaches: Reducing Pesticide Exposures via Integrated Pest Management, p. 32
  • Antibiotics (Still) at Risk, p. 37
2008 San Francisco Medicine

January/February 2008 San Franciso Medicine

  • A New Era for Environmental Health, p. 9
  • Toxic Dilemmas, p. 10
  • Toys, Tots and Toxic Chemicals, p. 11
  • Reproductive Health and the Environment, p. 13
  • Early Vulnerability, Lifelong Impacts, p. 17
  • Climate Change and Children's Health, p. 19
  • The Falling Age of Puberty in US Girls, p. 23
  • Cancer and Environmental Chemicals, p. 25
  • Mercury Tales, p. 26
  • Time to Update Chemical Regulations, p. 30
  • Nanoparticles and Health, p. 32
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Environmental Agents, p. 33
  • Biomonitoring Update, p. 34
  • Electromagnetic Fields, p. 35
  • Chemical Exposures on the Job May Be Linked to Diseases in Nurses, p. 35
  • The War Goes On: Tobacco Control in California, p. 36
  • Agent Orange and Birth Defects, p. 37
2006 San Francisco Medicine 

January/February 2006 San Franciso Medicine

  • The Mainstreaming of Environmental Medicine and Health, p. 11
  • Toward an Ecological View: Complex Systems, Health and Disease, p. 12
  • Air Pollution and Heart Disease: Recent Developments, p. 16
  • Environmental Contaminants and Human Fertility, p. 18
  • Standing Up to the Lead Industry: An Interview with Herbert Needleman, MD, p. 20
  • Chemical Exposure and Parkinson’s Disease: A Plethora of Suspects, p. 23
  • The Real Rx: Slow Food, Lively Places, Real Vitality, p. 25
  • Choosing Sustainability: Paths to Green Chemistry in California, p. 27
  • Our Stolen Future: A Decade Late, p. 32
  • Biomonitoring: Measuring Environmental Contaminants in the Body, p. 34
  • Toxicants and Disease Database Update, p. 36
  • Green Guidelines for Health Care, p. 37
  • Methylmercury in Fish: An Update, p. 38

Other Journal Articles

Including those published jointly with other organizations

Developmental exposure to environmental chemicals and metabolic changes in children, 2016 in Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care

A multimedia e-book—A Story of Health: filling a gap in environmental health literacy for health professionals, 2016 in Environmental Health Perspectives

What is the role of human contamination by environmental chemicals in the development of type 1 diabetes? 2012 in The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

Protecting brain development: how toxic chemical exposures interact with nutrition and genetics to put children at risk, 2012 in Perspectives on School-Based Issues

Protecting children from toxicants, 2011 in The ASHA Leader

Scientific and policy statements on environmental agents associated with neurodevelopmental disorders, 2010 in the Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability

Consensus statement: Parkinson’s Disease and the environment: Collaborative on Health and the Environment and Parkinson’s Action Network (CHE PAN) conference 26–28 June 2007, 2009 in Environmental Health Perspectives

Female reproductive disorders: the roles of endocrine-disrupting compounds and developmental timing, 2008 in Fertility and Sterility

Proceedings of the Summit on Environmental Challenges to Reproductive Health and Fertility: executive summary, 2008 in Fertility and Sterility

Safeguarding our children at home: reducing exposures to toxic chemicals and heavy metals, 2005 in Zero to Three

White Papers

These documents were peer reviewed by an independent group of scientific experts in the respective fields.

Environmental Exposures, Infertility, and Related Reproductive Disorders: An Update, 2011

Heart Disease and the Environment, 2005

Autism: Do Environmental Factors Play a Role in Causation? 2004

Birth Defects and the Environment, 2004

Ovarian Cancer, 2004 

Asthma and the Environment, 2003

Brain and Central Nervous System Tumors, 2003

Breast Cancer and the Environment, 2003

Developmental Disabilities—Impairment of Children's Brain Development and Function: The Role of Environmental Factors, 2003 

Endometriosis, 2003

Prostate Cancer, 2003

Testicular Cancer, 2003

Childhood Leukemia, 2002