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Webinar Highlights Fact Sheets

These fact sheets summarize CHE and CHE-partner webinars.

2024 webinar highlights

Chemicals in Plastics: Human Health Costs

Endocrine Disruptors and Hormone Levels During Pregnancy

Obesogens: A Unifying Theory for the Global Rise in Obesity

PFAS in Locally Caught Fish

The Realities of Chemical Recycling and Plastics

Tattoo Inks and Cancer: Gaps in Research and Regulation

2023 webinar highlights

Chemicals and Pregnancy Complications: Findings from Nontargeted Analysis

Hormonal Activity of Chemicals Detected with Silicone Wristbands

Kids and Chemicals: PFAS Exposure and the Metabolism

Long-term Health Effects of Childhood Glyphosate Exposure

PFAS and Testicular Cancer: A Study of U.S. Air Force Servicemen

PFAS in the Arctic

PFAS, Phenols, and Parabens: Links to Hormone-Mediated Cancers

Reducing Breast Cancer Risk by Eliminating Parabens and Phthalates

2022 webinar highlights

Do chemicals in plastic consumer products contribute to obesity?

FDA's Missed Opportunities to Tackle Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Food

Microplastic Pollution and Phthalates in Seabirds

Organic Contaminants in Tire Crumb Rubber

Outside the Safe Operating Space of a PFAS Planetary Boundary

Phthalates and Plasticizers in Fast Food

Plastics and Climate Change

Pollution and the Planet: Perspectives on being outside the ‘Safe Operating Space’

Protecting Brain Development in Children: Phthalates in Food & the Critical Need for Policy Reform

Reversing the Plastics Crisis Through a Human Rights Approach

Other Fact Sheets

Many of these were originally created by the Institute for Children's Environmental Health, which merged with CHE in 2009.

CHE Overview, 2016

Children's Environmental Health Basics, 2005

Children's Environmental Health Fact Sheet, 2005

Climate Change and Children's Health: What We Know, 2009

Learning Disabilities, Behavioral/Emotional Disorders, and Other Brain Disorders: What We Know, 2003

Mental Health and Environmental Exposures, 2008

Parkinson's Disease and the Environment Factsheet, 2007

Top 10 Things You Can Do to "Practice Prevention", 2005

Thyroid Fact Sheet, 2005


Healthy Aging and the Environment: A Pocket Guide, 2008


Research to Real Life: How Scientific Research Affects You, 2021

Practice Prevention Columns

Arsenic, 2007

Baby Care Products, 2007

Children's Environmental Health, 2007

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), 2011

Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals (EDCs), 2011

Lead, 2007

Lindane, 2007

Mercury, 2008

Mold and Indoor Dampness, 2011

Obesogens, 2011

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, 2011

PBDEs (Flame Retardants), 2006

PCBs, 2006

Perchlorate, 2007

Pesticides, 2010

Plastics, 2007

Thyroid, 2005

En Español: La Práctica de la Prevención

Las 10 acciones más importantes que puede hacer para "practicar la prevención" (Top 10 Things You Can Do To "Practice Prevention")

La salud medioambiental de los niños (Children's Environmental Health)

El mercurio (Mercury)

Los plaguicidas (Pesticides)


El plomo (Lead)

La tiroides (Thyroid)

La hormona tiroidea hoja de hechos (Thyroid Hormone Fact Sheet)

El perclorato (Perchlorate)

Productos de cuidado del bebé (Baby Care Products)

El lindano (Lindane)

El moho (Mold and Dampness)