Oct 26

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Announcing New Webinar Series on Effects of Plastic on Health

We are excited to announce a new four-part webinar series looking into the effects of plastic on health. Over the next four months, we will be joined by leading scientists, health professionals, policy experts, and advocates to talk about the various impacts of plastics on public health.

There is no denying that plastic pollution in our oceans and environment is an enormous societal challenge. Globally, plastic production has increased by more than tenfold since 1970, faster than the growth rate of any other group of bulk materials (IEA).

Faced with this massive presence in our environment, this series aims to answer the question: What are the effects of plastic on human health? We took into consideration many different facets of the plastic pollution problem, from production to end of life issues. As petrochemicals are rapidly becoming the largest driver of global oil consumption, we will explicitly explore the links between petrochemicals, climate change, and human health.

The first webinar Plastic Production's Threats to Health: Global Trends, Chemical Footprints of Common Plastics, and the PVC Industry’s Wake of Pollution starts on Tuesday, October 30. The second webinar in the series, Plastic Food Packaging: State of the Science on Chemical Constituents is on December 3. The third webinar which will take place in the beginning of 2019 will look more at the end of life for many plastic products by analyzing the emerging science on the impacts of microplastics. Finally, we will speak with leaders about the current advantages and disadvantages of bio-based plastics as a possible replacement for traditional plastic.

You can read about the full details for the series. We look forward to having you join us for any and all of the series. To get the latest updates about this series and all of our webinar programming, make sure you are signed up to receive our newsletter.

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