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Nov 15

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New Pages: Asthma and Water Quality

CHE is excited to share that two more pages have been added this week: Asthma and Water Quality. The asthma page summarizes the science linking asthma to various environmental causes including air pollution, climate change, and community stressors. The Water Quality page lays out what health impacts have been associated with various water contaminants according to recent science. Both pages touch on tips for prevention. 

Oct 26

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Just released! Protecting Children’s Health Where They Live, Learn, and Play.


This report from the NIEHS/EPA Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Centers highlights some of the important contributions the centers have made toward reducing the burden of environmentally induced or exacerbated diseases placed on children. The report provides examples of success in the community and in support of public health. It is organized in three section:

  • Health outcomes, presenting scientific findings from the Children’s Centers on diseases that sometimes affect children
  • Environmental exposures, presenting research findings on chemicals and pollutants children are commonly exposed to through air, water and food. 
  • Hallmark features, highlighting the unique features that have facilitated the work of the Children’s Centers and advancements in the field. 

Read the full Children's Centers impact report.

Dec 21

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CHE's BUSRP Partner Releases Factsheet for Communities Affected by PFAS Contamination


BUSRPLogoIn November, Boston University Superfund Research Program (BUSRP) produced a factsheet on polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) for residents of communities who are concerned about PFAS-contaminated water. Created in collaboration with Toxics Action Center, a Community Engagement Core partner, the factsheet is designed to answer questions about PFAS exposure, regulations and advisories, health effects and steps that residents can take to test the water supply and respond to contamination. Learn more about this work by listening to our CHE-BU SRP Partnership call 12/20/16 CHE-BUSRP Partnership call: Out of the frying pan, into the drinking water: Health hazards and community responses to water contaminated with PFCs. Listen to the MP3 today!  . . .

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