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Apr 23

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The Plastics Treaty: An opportunity to multisolve

Kristin Schafer, MA
Director, Collaborative for Health & Environment

Evidence of human health harms of plastics across the life cycle has been strong for decades. Now, as the next meeting of the global plastics treaty gets underway, new studies documenting these harms (and their costs) have been coming fast and furious. It's now crystal clear that plastics are not only a pollution problem, but also an urgent threat to public health and environmental justice.  . . .

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Oct 23

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A Poison Like No Other: New book on microplastics highlights global threat

Around the world today, microplastics are largely unseen but ubiquitous. This makes it difficult to grasp the scope of the problem. Matt Simon’s book, A Poison Like No Other: How Microplastics Corrupted Our Planet and Our Bodies, sets out to show us exactly what we’re dealing with. In a recent webinar, Simon shared findings from his book with CHE Alaska.  . . .

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