Ecological Intelligence: A Conversation with Daniel Goleman

June 12, 2009
1:00 pm US Eastern Time

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Download the CD series Ecological Intelligence from More Than Sound featuring Daniel Goleman, and including a conversation with Michael Lerner.

Goleman was recently interviewed by Bill Moyers on PBS.

Read the Time magazine article "10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now", which includes Goleman commenting on ecological intelligence.

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CHE was pleased to host this special conversation with Daniel Goleman, psychologist and bestselling author, during which he discuss issues he raises in his most recent book, Ecological Intelligence: How Knowing the Hidden Impacts of What We Buy Can Change Everything. The book is described as drawing on “cutting-edge research to reveal why ‘green is a mirage,’ illuminates inconsistencies in our response to the ecological crisis, and introduces new technologies that reveal with ‘radical transparency’ the eco-impact of products we buy, with the potential to drive consumers to make smarter decisions and companies to reform their business practices.”

Goleman’s description of what it means to be ecologically intelligent underscores why CHE is committed to articulating a working framework for ecological health in which the multiple factors that influence our health and well-being are addressed systemically.

Michael Lerner, PhD, President of Commonweal and Vice-Chair of CHE, facilitated the conversation.

Daniel Goleman is the author of numerous bestselling books including Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ and Social Intelligence: The New Science of Relationships. Before writing Emotional Intelligence he wrote for the New York Times for twelve years, covering psychology and related fields. For more information visit his website