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CHE Partnership call: Using Science to Set Regulatory Criteria: Identifying Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in the European Union
Wed, June 29
Hosted by the EDCs Working Group

CHE Partnership call: Interactive Effects of Multiple Pesticides on Human Health – A 2016 California Report
Thurs, July 7

CHE Partnership call: A Consensus on the Environmental Chemicals Contributing to Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Project TENDR
Tues, July 12

CHE Partnership call: TSCA Reform: Understanding the Science, Implementation, and Implications of the New Chemical Safety Act
Wed, July 13

CHE Partnership call: Autism Pathways Analysis: A Functional Framework and Clues for Further Investigation
Thurs, July 21

CHE Partnership call: Fatty Bones Make Bad Skeletons: Influence of Bone-disrupting Chemicals across the Lifespan
Tues, July 26

6/22/16: Clarifying EMF and Cancer: Precautionary Occupational Strategies and Results of the NTP Cell Phone Studies
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6/15/16: MP3 recording available: Mercury in the North: Sources of Contamination and International Policies to Protect Health & Human Rights


6/7/16: MP3 recording available: Exploring Multifactorial Contributors to Disease Outcomes: The Possible Role of Acetaminophen in Asthma and Autism

5/24/16: MP3 recording available: The Human Microbiome and Health Effects on Prenatal Microbiome Exposure


5/18/16: MP3 recording available: Signaling Mechanisms by Which Xenoestrogen Pollutants Disrupt Normal Estrogenic Signaling


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Environmental Health News

23 Jun DuPont gives its side in federal C8 case. Anthony Playtis and his family still drink water from the kitchen tap of their home, which sits 3 miles from DuPont's Washington Works plant. Columbus Dispatch.

22 Jun Airport in toxic trouble: Tests reveal threat to waterways. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the government was committed to delivering results to communities contaminated by toxic fire fighting foam as soon as possible. Brisbane Courier-Mail.

20 Jun Decades later, sickness among airmen after a hydrogen bomb accident. In 1966, a B-52 bomber on a Cold War nuclear patrol exploded over Spain, releasing four hydrogen bombs. The Air Force says that there was no harmful radiation at the crash site in Spain, but interviews with dozens of men and details from declassified documents disagree. New York Times.

20 Jun Results of blood tests released; None yet for local residents near water contaminated areas. While new studies are demonstrating how PFOS and PFOA in drinking water accumulate in human blood, local residents are still without answers. Bucks County Courier Times.

16 Jun Dupont may dodge toxic lawsuits by pulling a disappearing act. Will DuPont's actions to spin off key chemical operations to Chemours, including vast legal responsibilities, allow DuPont to avoid paying people who have been harmed by its chemicals? The Intercept.

16 Jun Drinking water in three Colorado cities contaminated with toxic chemicals above EPA limits. Invisible toxic chemicals are contaminating drinking water for 80,000 people south of Colorado Springs, one of 63 areas nationwide where the chemicals have been measured at levels the EPA deems dangerous. Denver Post.

16 Jun Firefighters petition for more health care. For firefighters, occupational exposures can lead to many types of cancer, with health care costs that currently aren?t covered under workers? compensation insurance. North Carolina Health News.

10 Jun Gov. Wolf to military: Pay for blood tests for 70k Montco, Bucks residents exposed to contaminated water. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf joined a chorus of local lawmakers asking the military to pay for nearly 70,000 blood tests for people exposed to contaminated water on and around local military bases. Philadelphia NBC 10.

2 Jun Water-use blood tests still on hold by N.Y. Health Department. The state Health Department is continuing to withhold the results of blood samples taken four months ago from hundreds of Rensselaer County residents who were exposed to a toxic chemical that contaminated public water supplies in Hoosick Falls and Petersburgh. Albany Times Union.

31 May DuPont faces fourth C8 trial. A series of lawsuits contend that DuPont's Washington Works chemical plant on the Ohio River dumped toxics into the river that have sickened thousands of people. Columbus Dispatch.

26 May Fighting back. It ought to be easier to prevent companies from poisoning us. Barre-Montpelier Times Argus.

20 May With new EPA advisory, dozens of communities suddenly have dangerous drinking water. New federal standards may unify what has been an inconsistent official response to the presence of these perfluorinated chemicals in drinking water. They will also create official water contamination crises in dozens of cities across the country. The Intercept.

20 May EPA issues tighter limits for industrial chemical in water. Federal regulators are tightening the limit for human exposure to an industrial chemical used for decades to make such widely used consumer products as non-stick pans, stain-resistant carpets and microwave popcorn bags. Associated Press.

19 May Fire foams contamination concerns at Shoalhaven bases. Firefighters were so sure that toxic foams used at defence bases to extinguish liquid fires were harmless, that they used them to wash their dinner plates. Australia ABC News.

19 May New York state PFOA blood results pending. The state Department of Health is expected next week to begin releasing the results of blood tests for hundreds of Rensselaer County residents who were exposed to a dangerous chemical that polluted drinking-water supplies in Hoosick Falls and Petersburgh. Albany Times Union.


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