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26 Jan BPA disrupts sperm development, linked to declining male fertility. A new study soon to be published in the journal PLOS Genetics suggests that bisphenol A (BPA)?an endocrine disruptor found in many plastics, can linings and receipts, and which mimics the effects of estrogen?may play a role in the decline in male fertility. Newsweek.

23 Jan Hormone-mimicking chemicals may threaten male fertility, study warns. Bisphenol A and other common estrogen-mimicking chemicals may be wreaking havoc on sperm and stymying some couples' hopes of having children, warns new research. Huffington Post.

21 Jan Study confirms cancer cluster among CFA Fiskville firefighters in Victoria, Australia. Firefighters who worked at a Country Fire Authority facility in Victoria?s Ballarat region have a higher incidence of skin, testicular and brain cancers, a comprehensive study has found. The Guardian.

21 Jan Cancer cluster at CFA Fiskville training centre confirmed by study. A comprehensive health study has confirmed a cancer cluster associated with firefighters at the Fiskville Training Centre, the Victorian Government says. Australia ABC News.

17 Jan Tyrone Hayes on the misfortune of frogs, crooked science and why we should shun GMOs. The life and work of biologist Dr. Tyrone B. Hayes, PhD, reads like the script of a Hollywood blockbuster: Scientist whistleblower takes on global agribusiness responsible for environmental havoc; a web of lies, corporate shenanigans, and mystery ensues. So it?s somehow fitting that Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme took on Hayes? story for a segment in the Amazon Original TV series pilot, "The New Yorker Presents." TreeHugger.

15 Jan Toxin ruling should put Maine kids' interests first. Mandating disclosure of phthalates would help consumers make safer choices for their families. Portland Press Herald.

7 Jan Kids toys could injure a man?s sex life. American men, beware: Your long-term reproductive health might be served by ditching the kids? Christmas toys into the nearest dumpster. New York Daily News.

3 Jan Hazards bill urges study of synthetic turf. Potentially hazardous synthetic turf that's being targeted in a health bill by state Sen. Jerry Hill is used on some City of Palo Alto and school district playing fields, officials have confirmed. Palo Alto Weekly.

2 Jan Biological bad luck blamed in two-thirds of cancer cases. Plain old bad luck plays a major role in determining who gets cancer and who does not, according to researchers who found that two-thirds of cancer incidence of various types can be blamed on random mutations and not heredity or risky habits like smoking. Reuters.

29 Dec Multiple suits filed against Dupont for contaminated drinking water. Dozens of federal lawsuits have been filed against DuPont's Washington Works Plant near Parkersburg, WV for alleged knowing contamination of drinking waters with the chemical C8. Huntington News.

27 Dec West Virginia man sues Dupont over chemical discharge. A West Virginia man has filed suit against chemical company DuPont for contaminating his home's drinking water. 52-year-old Scott Chapman of Letart sued DuPont in West Virginia federal court Friday. Associated Press.

10 Dec Are toiletries making men infertile? A recent report suggests chemicals found in bathroom products are affecting male fertility and causing testicular cancer. Is the EU doing enough to protect men? The Telegraph.

3 Dec Toiletry chemicals linked to testicular cancer and male infertility cost EU millions, report says. The hormone-mimicking chemicals used routinely in toiletries, cosmetics, medicines, plastics and pesticides cause hundreds of millions of euros of damage to EU citizens every year, according to the first estimate of their economic impact. The Guardian.

2 Dec PFOA and high cholesterol: Basis for the finding of a probable link. C8 Science panelist Kyle Steenland and colleague Andrea Winquist, both of Emory University, report part of the basis for the probable link with high cholesterol. Environmental Health Perspectives.

1 Dec Boxer rebellion: A pocketed cellphone may be behind your infertility. As soon as they buy a new cellphone, most people tend to ravenously rip the device from its wrapping, cast the accessories and directions aside and begin getting to know the gadget that will never leave their side. But within that discarded handbook lurks some important information. Newsweek.


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