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CHE Partnership call: Prenatal Exposures: What Do Providers Know?
Tues, Sept 30
Hosted by the CHE Fertility and Reproducitve Health Working Group

CHE Partnership call: NIEHS and Environmental Health Disparities in Alaska
Wed, Oct 1
Hosted by the CHE Alaska Working Group

CHE Partnership call: Home Invaders: Are Flame Retardants Fattening Us Up and Harming Our Bones?
Thurs, Oct 9

9/18/14: MP3 recording available: Climate Change and Health - What's New and What To Do?

9/17/14: MP3 recording available: Maternal Bisphenol A Programs Offspring Metabolic Syndrome

9/9/14: MP3 recording available: PCBs in Schools - Still a Problem?

7/10/14: MP3 recording available: Breathing Deep: Air Pollution, Health, and Public Health Policy


CHE Partners on why they value our work

Diseases and Disorders

CHE provides peer-reviewed analyses of the science regarding environmental contributors to diseases and disorders as additional resources meant to compliment the efforts of CHE’s working groups and initiatives.


   Asthma peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Asthma working group


   Autism peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Autism working group

Birth Defects

   Birth Defects peer-reviewed paper and resources


   Brain cancer peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Breast cancer peer reviewed paper and resources
   Childhood Leukemia peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Ovarian cancer peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Prostate cancer peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Testicular cancer news feed and resources
   Breast Cancer working group
   Cancer working group

Cardiovascular Disease

   Cardiovascular Disease peer-reviewed paper and resources


  Diabetes-Obesity Spectrum working group


   Infertility peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Endometriosis peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Fertility and Reproductive Health working group

Learning and Developmental Disabilities

   Learning / Behavior peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative
   Mental Health and the Environment working group


   Parkinson's Disease peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Working Group on Neurodegenerative Diseases and the

CHE's Portal to Science provides additional environmental health resources on a range of diseases, disorders and toxicants for a variety of audiences.
View the Portal of Science



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