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CHE Partnership call: The Longest Swim: A Journey Across the Pacific to Raise Awareness About Plastic Pollution
Wed, Aug 5
Hosted by the CHE Alaska Working Group

Note: CHE will host no additional calls in August. We will resume our normal call schedule in September. You can access the call archives to listen to MP3 recordings from past calls.

CHE Partnership call: Theories of Carcinogenesis: Cancer as Development Gone Awry
Thurs, September 10
Hosted by the CHE Cancer Working Group

7/29/15: MP3 recording available: The Myth of Herbicide Safety in Alaska: How Herbicides Threaten the Health of Fish, Wildlife and People

7/21/15: MP3 recording available: Theories of Carcinogenesis: Assessing the Carcinogenic Potential of Low-Dose Exposures to Chemical Mixtures in the Environment

7/14/15: MP3 recording available: Towards a New Global Commission on Environmental Pollution

7/9/15: MP3 recording available: Tobacco: Science, Policy, and Prospects: A Conversation with Stanton Glantz, PhD

6/30/15: MP3 recording available: News from the US EPA Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program

6/23/15: MP3 recording available: Gestational Diabetes and Environmental Chemical Exposure


CHE Partners on why they value our work

Diseases and Disorders

CHE provides peer-reviewed analyses of the science regarding environmental contributors to diseases and disorders as additional resources meant to compliment the efforts of CHE’s working groups and initiatives.


   Asthma peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Asthma working group


   Autism peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Autism working group

Autoimmune Disorders

   Autoimmune disorders resources

Birth Defects

   Birth defects peer-reviewed paper and resources


   Brain cancer peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Breast cancer peer reviewed paper and resources
   Childhood Leukemia peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Ovarian cancer peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Prostate cancer peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Testicular cancer news feed and resources
   Breast Cancer working group
   Cancer working group

Cardiovascular Disease

   Cardiovascular Disease peer-reviewed paper and resources


  Diabetes-Obesity Spectrum working group


   Infertility peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Endometriosis peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Fertility and Reproductive Health working group

Learning and Developmental Disabilities

   Learning / Behavior peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative
   Mental Health and the Environment working group


   Parkinson's Disease peer-reviewed paper and resources
   Working Group on Neurodegenerative Diseases and the

CHE's Portal to Science provides additional environmental health resources on a range of diseases, disorders and toxicants for a variety of audiences.
View the Portal of Science



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