CHE Oregon Partnership

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This partnership explores the emerging science of environmental health, justice and education relevant to the state of Oregon and its residents. We aim to provide a space for health professionals, scientists, researchers, community groups, government agents and health-affected individuals and families to connect, share and discuss new research findings on a wide range of environmental drivers of health and disease outcomes relevant to the people living in Oregon. We do this by distributing influential research articles and hosting partnership calls featuring new research that our Oregon partners might find important.  

This partnership is coordinated by the Oregon Environmental Council, in collaboration with Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU).

CHEORScienceServCreativeCommonsbrx0CHE does not take a stance on specific legislation nor sign petitions and the like. Rather, we investigate and discuss the scientific foundation for more health-protective policies in a civil tone. For posting guidelines and etiquette, please see our CHEtiquette.


To join this Partnership, please join as a CHE Partner and check the CHE Oregon option. Current CHE Partners can send an email request to Contact to be added to this Partnership. Current subscribers can send messages to Contact.