Partnership Calls

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Why Calls?

Some colleagues ask us why we do conference calls, rather than webinars. We have deliberated this question and have decided that conference calls are better for our purposes. These are our reasons:

  • Because participants are often not at their computer when the call happens, it is easier to make the slides available for download so that they can still look through the slides even if they’re not online. 
  • Call participants can move the slides forwards and backwards at will during the call so that they can better glean the information they want or easily return to a slide if they have a question during Q&A.
  • Webinar technology often requires presenters and participants to sign in early and have compatible software. Some people, particularly trying to connect from other countries or while in transit, have problems with the technology so they miss a good part of the call or simply don’t bother.
  • Streaming video, as is done for webinars, consumes considerably more data than audio alone and takes more storage space in servers that require cooling. This means that the more data used, the larger carbon footprint and the great impact on climate. This is one way CHE has chosen to reduce our carbon footprint.