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graphic from the US Department of Health and Human Services

From Maggie's Birth Defects document:

The annual cost of non-medical care and medical care for a child with an autism spectrum disorder (a functional birth defect if present at birth) are approximately $14,000 and $3000 respectively, with over $8000 of the non-medical care cost going to specialized education.(73,74) Children with ADHD incur medical and loss of work costs three times those of children without ADHD and are more likely to have major injuries, asthma, and hospital inpatient and outpatient care.(75,76) A study by Allison Russo and Anne Elixhauser found that the 139,000 hospital stays caused by birth defects in 2004 cost $2.6 billion in hospital cost alone. Of that, $1.4 billion was spent on heart defect hospital care.(77)

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