Because Health

In April 2018, the CHE launched a new environmental health educational website called Because Health. With a focus on making scientific based evidence approachable and actionable, Because Health makes environmental health more accessible. This lifestyle site hopes to inspire the next generation of environmental health activists and drive bigger change in the products and policies that impact daily life.

Because Health offers environmental health educational content and information through a combination of science-based articles, tips, product recommendations, and expert advice so that people can make well-informed, healthy, and non-toxic choices. Because Health is partnering with environmental health advocacy organizations to produce content and features opportunities for consumers to become involved in market-based and legislative reforms.

“I started Because Health for people who care about wellness and health, and recognize that environmental pollution, toxic chemicals in our products, and climate change, are just as important to our health as working out and eating right,” said Karen Wang, PhD, founder of Because Health and Director of CHE. “As a working mom, I know it’s impossible to research everything, DIY it all, and determine what’s scientifically reliable. I want our site to be a place for real people who want to make informed choices and advocate for their health.”

With a staff of millennials who have a passion for environmental health and a background in science and health communication, as well as the scientific community behind CHE supporting the work, Because Health is uniquely positioned to provide its audience with well researched, scientifically sound information and recommendations to make choosing healthy, safe options easier than ever.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the new website and sign up for Because Health’s mailing list to receive newsletter updates on the Contact Us page.