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Mar 23

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Meet our 20 Pioneers under 40 in Environmental Public Health: Kelly Ferguson, PhD, MPH

Kelly Ferguson, PhD, MPH, is an NIH researcher whose focus is looking at how different exposures impact birth outcomes. Her interest in environmental health comes from the fact that it’s something that everyone deals with.

“It’s a concern that affects everyone and that everyone can kind of wrap their head around… people are often thinking about what chemicals are going into their body, what chemicals are in their air, what chemicals are in the food that they are eating, and so I think it’s something that is really easy to communicate with everyone about,” Dr. Ferguson says.

Her work is also looking at oxidative stress, most specifically as it relates environmental exposures in women and preterm birth.  . . .

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Nov 15

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New Pages: Asthma and Water Quality

CHE is excited to share that two more pages have been added this week: Asthma and Water Quality. The asthma page summarizes the science linking asthma to various environmental causes including air pollution, climate change, and community stressors. The Water Quality page lays out what health impacts have been associated with various water contaminants according to recent science. Both pages touch on tips for prevention.