Next Generation Program

Practicum student Maggie Lind and intern Jessica Hale celebrate their contributions with CHE staff Nancy Hepp, Elise Miller (director) and Lorelei Walker.

CHE invests in educating and mentoring the next generation of those concerned with environmental and social determinants of health. In 2016, we began offering practicums and internships for college and graduate level students to learn more about environmental health topics in a systems-based context.

Through this program, CHE nurtures students’ capacity to understand and address the ever-increasing array of complex issues they will face in their careers. Often in the classroom, students are taught about specific concerns — for example, how a certain chemical exposure may impact health — but not how to consider that problem in the presence of multiple other stressors. By grounding students in a systems model of health (also referred to as an ecological model of health), they are introduced to multiple and interacting environmental factors that span from the cellular level to the societal level and influence our health across the lifespan. These factors include chemical contaminants, nutrition, toxic stress, socioeconomic status, the built environment, climate change, and other environmental factors that interact to impact human health. Further, students have the opportunity to learn about effective interventions to protect and improve health as well as ways to disseminate their findings to more broadly impact public awareness. Our longer-term goal is to establish this program at multiple academic institutions across the country to cultivate the next generation of leaders in the field.

Student Profiles

Eva Bauer

Student Intern, Summer 2016
Bachelor of Arts in Public Health and Communication, University of Washington

"I am passionate about community education on health and health concerns. To act on this passion, I am pursing a degree that focuses on the holistic framework of public health and health communication with the goal of impacting the health and lives of community members. I sought out this internship to real world experience in health outreach."


Jessica Couch

Student Intern, Summer 2016
Science Technology and Society Undergraduate focus in Neuroscience and Behavior,
Vassar College


Jessica Hale

Student Intern, Summer 2016
Bachelor of Arts in Public Health with a Political Science Focus, University of Washington

"The field of public health offers a unique opportunity to think outside the box while making positive impacts on entire communities. It ties together multiple sectors of society and has the ability to promote the wellbeing of people in all areas of life."


Margaret (Maggie) Lind

Practicum Student, Summer 2016
Master in Public Health (MPH), University of Washington School of Public Health


Tom Austin

Practicum Student, Winter 2017
Master in Public Health (MPH), University of Washington School of Public Health

Karen Han

Student Intern, Winter 2017
Bachelor of Arts in Public Health, University of Washington