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CHE currently has more than 5,000 individual and organizational partners in over 90 countries and all 50 US states. Our partners include researchers, health professionals, health-affected groups, social and environmental justice advocates and other concerned citizens. This directory lists organizational and individual CHE partners by name, geographic location or type of organization. Search to find colleagues in your geographical area or your area of interest. Send questions about this directory to Contact.

New CHE Partners within the last 30 days, with a warm welcome to all:

New CHE Partners

Christi Duboiski, Environmental Science


Lacey, WA, United States

Christine Doby, MA Theology

Program Officer

Erb Family Foundation

Blooomfield HIlls, MI, United States

Paul McGavin, BA - Biologogy and Medicine


InterSight, LLC

Petaluma, CA, United States

Scientific Future Group

Hyderabad, IN, India

Jacques Krog, Occupational Health and Safety



Benoni, South Africa

Kayla Krauss, MPA

AK Tribal Air Coordinator

EPA Region 10

Seattle, WA, United States

Gowri Gulwadi, Ph.D.

Professor of Interior Design

University of Northern Iowa

Cedar Falls, IA, United States

Amber Garriott, MBA, ARM-P/E

Risk Consultant

WA Schools Risk Management Pool

Tukwila, WA, United States

Susan Clarke, MMOC


Malibu, CA, United States

Pamela Lein, PhD


University of California, Davis

Davis, CA, United States

Christine Skubisz, Ph.D.

Washington, DC, United States

Valentina Diaz

38th International Conference on Nursing & Healthcare

Conference Series LLC

New York, NY, United States

Gail Gensler, M.Ed.

Children's Environmental Health Educator

formerly at King County, WA

Seattle, VA, United States

Jerry Heindel, PhD

Independent Consultant

Raleigh, NC, United States

Valentina Simoni

8th International Conference and Exhibition on Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Chicago, IN, United States

Bruce Jennings, Ph.D.

Emeritus Adviser

The California Legislature

Santa Rosa, CA, United States

Hannah McLane, MD,MA,MPH


University of Pennsylvania and The SoundMind Project

Philadelphia, PA, United States

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