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Parkinson's disease / movement disorders

Causes [strength of evidence]:

Parkinsonism symptoms include tremor, rigidity, gait disturbances, bradykinesia, and impairment of postural reflexes. Pesticide exposures as defined by occupational exposure (vineyard worker, agricultural worker, farmer, animal breeder, pesticide applicator) or inferred by rural residences or well water as source of drinking water has been associated with PD. Several population based case-control studies have identified a 3-4 fold increased likelihood of PD with past herbicide or insecticide exposure. Paraquat has a structure similar to MPTP. A possible role of gene-pesticide interactions in the etiology of PD has been postulated with reports of associations between glutathione transferase polymorphisms, NAT-2 slow acetylators, and slow 4-hydroxylation of debrisoquine (CYP 2D6 29B+) and PD. These genetic variants may increase risk from environmental exposure by slowing detoxification of exogenous compounds.

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