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11/18/15: MP3 recording available: Brain Sex Differences During Gestation: The Role of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

11/12/15: MP3 recording available: Predicting Toxicity: Silent Spring Institute's High Throughput Screens for Chemicals Related to Breast Cancer

11/10/15: MP3 recording available: Community-Based Participatory Research in the Arctic: Sources of Environmental Contaminants on St. Lawrence Island

11/5/15: MP3 recording available: Bringing Public Health to the International Negotiating Table: Environmental Health and the Paris Climate Summit in December 2015

10/30/15: MP3 recording available: Reducing the Burden: International Reproductive Health Leaders Call for Greater Efforts to Prevent Toxic Chemical Exposure, New Opinion from FIGO

10/21/15: MP3 recording available: The Endocrine Society's Second Scientific Statement on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

10/20/15: MP3 recording available: Responding to Communities: Communicating the Science of TCE and PCE

10/19/15: MP3 recording available: Climate Change and the Release of Contaminants in the Arctic: Current Research and Potential Health Effects

10/13/15: MP3 recording available: Theories of Carcinogenesis: Mutations and Cancer

10/8/15: MP3 recording available: The Price of Pollution: Costs of Environmental Health Conditions in Children


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Resolutions and Scientific Statements from Other Organizations

More Statements

CHE lists consensus statements, both from CHE and from other organizations, on our Consensus Statements page.

On this page CHE posts scientific statements and professional health society resolutions from other organizations that pertain to the links between environmental and human health.

Resolutions Adopted by Health Professional Societies


11/1/2001: The Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society continues to support the Society’s mission to eradicate cancer as a major health problem through sound science, advocacy, education, and service by continuing to (1) support research and related activities which will lead to the identification of environmental factors which may be related to cancer incidence and mortality; and (2) take the necessary steps to eradicate or ameliorate these environmental factors, so that the Society’s mission may be met.
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2003: The Board of Directors of the National Brain Tumor Foundation reaffirms the Foundation's mission to provide information and support to brain tumor patients and their family members and friends, and to improve treatments and find a cure for brain tumors through science and education by 1) supporting research and related activities which will lead to the identification of environmental factors which may be related to brain tumor incidence and mortality and 2) developing the necessary steps to eradicate or ameliorate these environmental factors so that the National Brain Tumor Foundation's mission may be met.
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Chemicals policy

10/1/2015: International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics opinion on reproductive health impacts of exposure to toxic environmental chemicals

11/1/2007: The California Medication Association adopted a resolution on chemicals policy for California at their annual meeting.
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Endocrine-disrupting chemicals

11/22/2011: French National Academy of Medicine on EDCs and Cancer: The French National Academy of Medicine released a report which recognises that endocrine disrupting chemicals are contributing to the rising incidence of some hormone dependent cancers. 
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11/9/2010: The American Public Health Association published a policy statement, A Precautionary Approach to Reducing American Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, advocating support for the Endocrine Society and the American Medical Association in proclaiming that more needs to be done to protect the public from potential health risks of exposure to EDCs.
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2/26/10: American Chemical Society endorses expanded endocrine disruptor education and research and the development of more effective science-based decision-making tools and methods for reducing and eliminating exposures of humans and the environment
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11/26/2009: Endocrine Society Lauds the California Medical Association for Supporting Greater Advocacy and Collaboration in Decreasing Public Exposure to Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals
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11/10/2009: American Medical Association Endorses Resolution in Support of The Endocrine Society Statement
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Environmental contributors to disease

The California Medical Association adopts policy #104-02 on improving action on Environmental contributors to disease.
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Scientific Statements

Cardiovascular health

5/12/2010: The American Heart Association releases scientific statement identifying air pollutants as a factor in cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes.
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Endocrine-disrupting chemicals

9/28/2015: Executive Summary to EDC-2: The Endocrine Society's Second Scientific Statement on Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals

6/24/2009: Endocrine Society releases scientific statement
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7/26/2015: Safeguarding human health in the Anthropocene epoch: report of The Rockefeller Foundation–Lancet Commission on planetary health


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