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11/29/2016: CHE Partnership Call: Chemical Contributors to Type 2 Diabetes

10/27/2016: MP3 recording available: Innovative Approaches to Breast Cancer Prevention and Screening

10/26/2016: MP3 recording coming soon: Endocrine Disruption at the Top of the World: State of the Science with a Message from Alaska
Hosted by the CHE-AK Partnership

10/19/2016: MP3 recording available: EDCs: Recent Findings on the Role of BPA and Brain Development
Hosted by the CHE EDC Strategies Partnership

9/28/2016: MP3 recording available: 25 Years of Endocrine Disruption Research: Insights from the Director of NIEHS
Hosted by the CHE-EDC Strategies Partnership

9/21/2016: MP3 recording available: Will the New Federal Chemicals Policy Adequately Protect Public Health?
Hosted by the CHE-AK Partnership

9/15/2016: MP3 recording available: The Broad-Spectrum Approach to Cancer Prevention and Therapy: A Complementary, Integrative Clinical Model to Reduce Disease Resistance and Relapse

8/24/2016: MP3 recording available: Ensuring a Healthy Environment for All Children: the Need for Research, Policy, and Urgent Action


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Reports, Policies and Other Documents

10/20/08: Parkinson's Disease Documents, Including Consensus Statement
Read More
Download the PD Consensus Statement PDF
Download the PD Fact Sheet PDF
Download the PD Public Statement PDF
2/19/08: Climate Change and Children's Health: What Health Professionals Need to Know and What We Can Do About It
Katherine M. Shea, MD, MPH and Sophie J. Balk, MD
Download the Report PDF
1/07: EPA Toxicity and Exposure Assessment for Children's Health (TEACH) Project
Read More
1/07: Institute of Medicine Online Library Now Available
Access the Library
4/06: Consensus Statement on Breast Cancer and the Environment
CHE Breast Cancer Working Group
Read More
Resolution of the Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative -- April 2003
Developed by CHE's Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative Working Group
Read the Resolution

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