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Science Working Group

Scientific knowledge is the basis of any sound policy and action on environmental health. CHE's consensus statement and activity rests upon the conviction that emerging scientific knowledge points to numerous environmental factors that contribute to human disease, that much more such research is essential, and that understanding of this research needs to be widely promoted.

Working in close collaboration with other CHE Working Groups, the goal of the Science Working Group is to translate and distill information regarding the links between specific illnesses or conditions and environmental factors. This information is for health-affected groups (patient groups), health care professionals, advocacy groups, concerned citizens and the media. This working group also addresses overarching topics such as gene-environment interactions and scientific uncertainty.

If you are interested in joining this group, please sign on as a CHE Partner, and indicate your interest in your application. If you are already a CHE Partner and would like to join the listserv for this group send an email request to: chescience-subscribe@lists.healthandenvironment.org


CHE Science Database Sub-working Group

Launched in March 2011, the CHE Science Database Working Group, a sub-working of CHE Science, is dedicated to enhancing access to environmental health science and news. The working currently provides a listserv where CHE Partners can share the latest theories on collection, collation, and distribution of environmental health resources. The goals include:

  • Identifying and characterizing resources.
  • Sharing skills in refining effective searches.
  • Exploring concepts for future enhancement of environmental health science and news search process.
  • Identifying ways to make database searches on environmental health science more accessible, centralized and streamlined.

To participate in the Database Sub-working Group send an email request to info@healthandenvironment.org.

Past Calls

February 18, 2015 --

CHE Partnership Call - EDCs, Oil and Gas Development, and Groundwater with Dr. Susan Nagel
Background Information / Resources

Listen to the MP3 recording

January 21, 2015 --

CHE Partnership Call - Environmental Exposures and Immune Function with Dr. Paige Lawrence
Background Information / Resources

Call Blog
Listen to the MP3 recording

January 8, 2015 --

CHE Partnership Call - The State of the Water: Linking Ocean Health to Human Health
Background Information / Resources

Call Blog
Listen to the MP3 recording

December 2, 2014 --

CHE Partnership Call - The First Thousand Days: Chemical Exposure in Early Life and Beyond
Background Information / Resources

Call Blog
Listen to the MP3 recording

November 4, 2014 --

CHE Partnership Call - Fracking's Wide Health Impact: From the Ozone to Ground Water and All Those Living in Between, a Science Update
Background Information / Resources

Call Blog
Listen to the MP3 recording

June 17, 2014 --

CHE Partnership Call - Nutrition and Toxicants in Autoimmune Disease: Implications for Prevention and Treatment
Background Information / Resources

Call Blog
MP3 recording


The President's Cancer Panel Report: "Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk: What We Can Do Now"
5/5/10: The Panel’s latest report, Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk What We Can Do Now, was released May 5, 2010.

Download the report (select the link for Annual Report for 2008-2009)
Terminology for Patterns of Evidence

Download the PDF

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