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Practice Prevention Columns and Fact Sheets

With an emphasis on the effects of neurotoxicants and environmental hazards on the developing human brain, these publications summarize recent scientific research for a nonscientific audience. Please feel free to link to these articles or include them in your own newsletters or other publications. We appreciate knowing if our materials are having an impact; please let us know if you use our materials.

Practice Prevention Columns


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Children's Environmental Health
Overview of neurotoxicants
and children's greater

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January 2007


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February 2007

Baby Care Products

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January 2007

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

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November 2011

Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals

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September 2009


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December 2007


45 KB

January 2007


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December 2008


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April 2011


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May 2011


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July 2006


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October 2006


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February 2007


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January 2010


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April 2010


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September 2007


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January 2004


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July 2004


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May 2005

Fact Sheets


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Developmental Disabilities – Impairment of Children's Brain Development and Function: The Role of Environmental Factors

102 KB

February 2003

Environmental Health Risks and Your Pregnancy

503 KB

September 2009

Learning Disabilities, Behavioral/Emotional Disorders, and Other Brain Disorders: What We Know

71 KB


Mental Health and Environmental Exposures

148 KB

November 2008

Top 10 Things You Can Do To "Practice Prevention"

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January 2005

Thyroid Fact Sheet

1364 KB

November 2005

cover of the pamphletPamphlet for Expectant Moms, September 2009. The American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) has developed a color, tri-fold, cross-cultural pamphlet to be given to women at ob-gyn appointments: Environmental Health Risks and Your Pregnancy.

More columns and fact sheets for parents and caregivers can be found on our Practice Prevention and Fact Sheets page.


En español: La práctica de la prevención

Las 10 acciones más importantes que puede hacer para "practicar la prevención"
La salud medioambiental de los niños

El mercurio

Los plaguicidas

La televisión


El plomo

La tiroides

La hormona tiroidea hoja de hechos

El perclorato

Productos de cuidado del bebé

El lindano

El moho


de AAIDD: Riesgos para la salud porcontaminantes durante tu embarazo

LDDI would be thrilled to offer these columns in all the languages that our visitors need. If you are available to translate columns and fact sheets, or if you can offer funding toward translations, please contact us.



Larry B. Silver, MD, serves as LDDI's medical advisor on our Practice Prevention columns. Dr. Silver, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, is in private practice in the Washington, DC, area. He is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center. Prior to his current activities, he was acting director and deputy director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) of the National Institutes of Health. Prior to his positions at the NIMH he was professor of psychiatry, professor of pediatrics, and chief of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine.

For more than forty years his primary areas of research, clinical and teaching interest have focused on the psychological, social, and family impact of a group of related, neurologically-based disorders -- learning disabilities, language disabilities, sensory processing disorder, and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Dr. Silver has more than 150 publications, including the popular book, The Misunderstood Child: A Guide for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities, now in its fourth edition. His other books include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment for Health and Mental Health Professionals, in its third edition; and Dr. Larry Silver’s Advice to Parents on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, in its second edition.

His most recent books include two co-edited by Dr. Frank Kline and are intended for general education teachers: The Educator’s Guide to Medical Issues in the Classroom (2001) and The Educator’s Guide to Mental Health Issues in the Classroom (2004). In October 2010
the American Academy of Pediatrics published Guide to Learning Disabilities for Primary Care Physicians.

He is active with the Learning Disabilities Association of America and is a past president of this organization. In 1992 he received this Association’s highest award, The Learning Disabilities Association Award, for outstanding leadership in the field of Learning Disabilities. In 1996 he received the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s Berman Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the study and treatment of Learning Disabilities.


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