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LDDI: Who We Are

LDDI is a national collaborative of over 400 organizations and individuals working together to reduce environmental pollutants and other factors that can contribute to learning and developmental disabilities – disabilities that are significantly increasing in the US and around the world. We envision a future in which neurotoxicants currently found in our homes, schools, offices and communities are abated, and in which those living with disabilities can do so in a healthy environment. We work to achieve this new reality by:

  1. Educating state and national learning and developmental disabilities (LDD) groups about possible environmental links to LDDs.
  2. Translating emerging science into materials for lay audiences.
  3. Increasing collaboration and expanding partnerships among groups and individuals who are interested in promoting good health and preventing toxic exposures and other environmental factors that can lead to or exacerbate disabilities.
  4. Cultivating opportunities for interested groups to press for chemical policy reform and safer alternatives to neurotoxicants, such as mercury, pesticides, and persistent bioaccumulative toxins.

LDDI members reflect the diverse voices of learning and developmental disability organizations, self advocates, family members, health professionals, researchers and educators, as well as environmental health and environmental justice organizations and advocates. 

LDDI Coordination

Elise Miller, MEd, who launched and coordinated LDDI for its first seven years, is now director of the Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE) and continues to play a very active advisory role in LDDI. Elise can be reached at elise@healthandenvironment.org.

Please visit our membership list for more information about our partners and to learn how to join our conversation. Also note that LDDI is a working group of the Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE). Read more about CHE’s broader range of activities, including other working groups.


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