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LDDI in the News

last updated in June 2010 

LDDI Biomonitoring Report, February 2010
The Mind, Disrupted report was featured in articles including these:

Greener Living with Dr. G's logo Radio Interview, November 2009
Laura Abulafia of AAIDD's Environmental Health Initiative was interviewed on WTIC's Greener living with Dr. G.

LDDI Consensus Statement, February 2008
The LDDI Scientific Consensus Statement on Environmental Agents Associated with Neurodevelopmental Disorders was featured in articles including these:

The consensus statement and/or its follow-up policy recommendations were also mentioned on these nonprofit websites:

cover of the Social Work Today magazineSocial Work Today, March/April 2007
ICEH, Executive Director Elise Miller, and the Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative (LDDI) were featured in an article: Chemical Kids – Environmental Toxins and Child Development.

cover of the articleAutism Advocate, 2006
LDDI Coordinator Elise Miller published Transforming the Public Debate on Neurotoxicants: The Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative.

Exceptional Parent, May 2006
LDDI was highlighted in the last of a series of four articles about the connections between toxic exposures and learning and developmental disabilities for the disability community in Reduce Toxic Exposures: Get Involved and Take Action!.

The Nation's Health, August 2005
LDDI Coordinator Elise Miller was mentioned in the newsletter of the American Public Health Association as the recipient of an award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for her work on pollutants and learning disabilities as an advisor for the Healthy Schools Network: Miller receives EPA children's health protection award.

Newsletter of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, June 2005
LDDI Coordinator Elise Miller published an article: Environmental Contributors to Learning and Developmental Disabilities.

cover of the magazineEvergreen Monthly, June 2005
LDDI's work and coordinator Elise Miller were featured in an article as the "Citizen of the Month" in an article about her national and regional work on children's environmental health issues: Earth to Kids.

EarthHope, May 2005
The Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative was featured in an article about a congressional briefing that ICEH helped organize: The Relationship Between Chemical Exposures and Incidence of Learning and Other Developmental Disabilities.

Pesticide Action Network North America, August 2003
LDDI was featured in an article about links between chemicals and learning disabilities: PANNA: Making the Link Between Chemicals and Learning Disabilities. The article was reprinted on the Toxics Information Project website and the Environmenal Illness Resource website.

LDDI was featured in an undated article: Go Green – Environmental Toxins Affect Our Children's Development.

Practice Prevention Columns Published

Our Practice Prevention columns are regularly quoted and reprinted in newsletters for advocacy groups, schools and other organizations. If you cite or print any of our materials, we would be interested in knowing about it. Please send us a message: CHE email.

  • Learning Disabilities Association of America: television column
  • National Association for the Dually Diagnosed: most current columns
  • Learning Disabilities Association of Maine: pesticides and PBDEs columns
  • Nature's Crib: PBDEs column
  • The Centre of Education for Children's Health and the Environment: columns on PCBs, mercury, pesticides, PBDEs, plastics, perchlorate, lead, children's environmental health, mold and solvents listed on their Resources page.
  • Natural Christian Parenting: baby care products column
  • Perfspot.com: television column 
  • The American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Environmental Health Initiative: pesticides column 

Columns listed or cited:


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