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University of California, San Francisco, Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (UCSF PEHSU)
This unit is part of a network across North America dedicated to providing expertise on the connection between children’s health and the environment. Children are uniquely vulnerable to environmental contaminants because they are still developing and their behavior can expose them more hazards. The UCSF PEHSU aims to reduce these risks by providing training for health professionals, offering consultations to families and communities, and developing educational resources on environmental health issues that affect children.

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Infertility and Related Reproductive Disorders

by Ted Schettler, MD, MPH

First published in May 2003, and up-dated in October 2011, the article summarizes scientific studies of recent trends in fertility, causes of infertility and concerns about early-life environmental exposures and fertility. This document has undergone peer-review by an independent group of scientific experts in the field. 

Girl, Disrupted
This report, intended for a lay audience, summarizes the key outcomes of the Women’s Reproductive Health and the Environment Workshop held in January 2008; specifically, how endocrine (hormone) disruptors impact female reproductive health at different stages of life.

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cover of the reportShaping Our Legacy: Reproductive Health and the Environment
This report summarizes reproductive health, fertility and the environment as discussed at the UCSF-CHE Summit on Environmental Challenges to Reproductive Health and Fertilty in January 2007. This report, from the University of California, San Francisco Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment, is also available in Spanish.

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cover of the reportChallenged Conceptions: Environmental Chemicals and Fertility
This report, intended for lay audiences, summarizes a meeting of a multidisciplinary group of experts at the Vallombrosa Retreat Center in February 2005. The retreat's goal was to assess what
the science tells us about the contribution of environmental contaminants to human infertility and associated health conditions.

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Infertility: What We Know
This article summarizes causes of infertility, including environmental contributors, published in 2003.


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