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Children's Health Presentations

2012 Symposium on Children's Environmental Health Research

Speakers from Children's Environmental Health Research Centers and Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units spoke at this symposium at UC Berkeley. Topics included 1) children's exposure to chemicals, 2) how the environment changes the development of the brain and nervous system in children, and 3) childhood leukemia. Visit the videos on YouTube.

2011 A Children's Environmental Health Forum: "Stepping It Up Together"

This conference in Seattle was designed to encourage and increase new opportunities for cross collaboration and to engage with partners who share the mission of protecting children's health. More information is available on the conference webpage.

2010 Children First: Promoting Ecological Health for the Whole Child

This groundbreaking one-day symposium highlighted a range of interacting factors that influence child health and development, including nutrition, education, socio-economic status, exposures to toxic chemicals, and access to preventive health care. Presentation recordings and materials are on the conference webpage.

2009 Northwest Children's Environmental Health Forum

CHE-WA's working group on Children's Environmental Health was thrilled to host more than 300 participants at its Northwest Children's Environmental Health Forum October 1-2, 2009, in Tukwila, Washington. Videos and presentation materials are available on the conference webpage.

Seattle Lecture Series, 2004 -2008

For five years, ICEH organized an annual lecture series in Seattle. This page archives presentations, handouts and other materials from those lectures.

2008 Lectures – Seeking Solutions: Connecting Economics with Health and Environment

poster from the 2008     lecture series

1. Principles of Ecological Economics: Guidance for a Sustainable Society with Robert Costanza, PhD. Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2. The Future of the Puget Sound Region: Applying Ecological Economics to Our Area with David Batker, MS, and Katherine Davies, DPhil. Wednesday, February 13, 2008

3. The Future of Energy: Applying Ecological Economics to Global Issues with Cutler Cleveland, PhD. Wednesday, March 12, 2008

4. Economics for the 21st Century: Creating a Collective Vision for a Sustainable Future with Joshua Farley, PhD, and David Korten, PhD. Wednesday, April 30, 2008

poster from the 2007     lecture series2007 Lectures: Seeking Solutions

1. Green Chemistry with Terry Collins, PhD, MSc. Wednesday, January 24, 2007

2. Nanotech & Precaution with Joel Tickner, ScD Wednesday, February 7, 2007

3. Biofuels with David Kircher, Peter Moulton and Tim Stearns. Wednesday, March 21, 2007

4. Sustainable Systems with John Robinson, PhD. Wednesday, April 18, 2007

poster from the 2006     lecture series2006 Lecture Series

1. Urban Lifestyles and the Built Environment: Healthier by Design with Lawrence Frank, PhD. January 25, 2006

2. Plastic Promises: Better Living or Bodily Harm? with Frederick vom Saal, PhD. February 15, 2006

3. Climate Change: Is Our Health at Stake? with Jonathan Patz, MD, MPH. March 9, 2006

poster from the 2005 lecture series2005 Lectures

1. Enduring Legacies: How Pollutants Shape Brain Development with Bernard Weiss, PhD. January 19, 2005

2. Herbicides and Human Health: Are Frogs Our Canaries in the Coal Mine? with Tyrone Hayes, PhD. February 8, 2005

3. Air Pollution and Children: Not Breathing Easy with Catherine Karr, MD, PhD. March 16, 2005

2004 Lectures

1. Midstream in a Revolution: Linking Environment and Health with John Peterson Myers, PhD. January 27, 2004

2. Body Burden: The Pollution Gets Personal with Jane Houlihan, MS. February 17, 2004

2. Breast and other Hormonal Cancers and the Environment: the Case for Environmental Oncology with Devra Davis, PhD, MPH. March 10, 2004

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