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Environmental Health Primary Prevention Training Program

The Collaborative on Health and the Environment's Environmental Health Primary Prevention trainings provide evidence-based science in lay language to be used in a range of settings, including advocacy, determining research priorities, public education and community organizing. The goal is to give trainees a deeper understanding of the science that links health outcomes with environmental factors, so trainees can become more effective as champions for a healthier world. So far we have offered trainings on environmental links to breast cancer, reproductive health, healthy aging, and ecological health across the lifespan.

The training is provided by a team of trainers with extensive experience in environmental health research, science, advocacy and policy. Download trainer bios here.

These trainings are held at the Commonweal Retreat Center, one hour north of San Francisco, overlooking the Pacific Ocean – an ideal place for active learning in a supportive environment away from the demands of day-to-day responsibilities.

Read about the impact past trainings and retreat sessions have had on participants and how the trainings have influenced their work.
Download testimonials (PDF)

Our most recent retreat was held May 7-9, 2013 on the theme of “Ecological Health Across the Lifespan.”  Participants represented a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, community planning, healthy food, neuroscience, the arts, behavioral epidemiology, social services for elders, architecture, academia, environmental justice, and health-affected communities.  We examined influences on health from the chemical, food, social, built, and natural environments, how they interact, and the systems that drive current practices and policies.  We discussed strategic interventions in the systems that would have the greatest impact to promote health and wellness across sectors, and to build community resilience.  We began work on a “Charter of Interdependence” which outlines key principles that are universal to human and ecological health.  A number of collaborative efforts have emerged from the retreat and the group continues to communicate on important issues.

Please continue to monitor this page to learn when additional retreats are scheduled.

For more information, please contact Davis Baltz or Heather Sarantis at EHTraining@healthandenvironment.org.

"Knowledge is Power! We can only address something when we know something is wrong. Incorporating what I have learned from the Environmental Health and Breast Cancer Training into my curriculum has armed me with the tools to make others aware to be proactive about our/their health as individuals and collectively as a community. Thank you again for the amazing opportunity."
--Debbie Garrett, Program Manager/Health Educator for Cancer Detection Program: Every Woman Counts

"Your environmental health training opened my eyes to the possibility that I might be an advocate for a cleaner, safer world... I felt more empowered by having the language and scientific knowledge so that I could clearly advocate for the environmental health of my family. I have used your training to support the launch of an organization that I believe will improve the environmental health of all of our children and grandchildren."
-- Molly Arthur, founder of EcoBirth-Women for Earth and Birth

"As an Executive Director entering the field of breast cancer professionally after years as a patient advocate, the training provided a valuable perspective...as well as some of the emerging science on breast cancer and the environment….the training lays an excellent foundation for thinking about the future direction of the field…In addition to benefiting from the content of the training, I appreciate the diverse network I gained through the training and I have continued to engage with other participants over subsequent months on a variety of issues.”
--Karuna Jaggar, Breast Cancer Action


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