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Welcome to the CHE Partner Directory. This directory lists Organizational and Individual CHE Partners by name, geographic location or type of organization. The list below reflects the new CHE Partners who have joined CHE within the last 30 days. Questions about this directory should be sent to info@healthandenvironment.org.

New CHE Partners
Sheila Danzell, BS Chemical Engineer and EHS
EHS Manager
Wistron Green Tech
Shreveport, LA
United States
Lori Juliano
sewell, NJ
United States
Linda Meyer, MS Engineering
Project Manager - US EPA
Federal Government
Bainbridge Island, WA
United States
Lori Ebaugh, MBA
Milford, MI
United States
Eric Mallow, MD, MPH
Johns Hopkins School of Public health
Baltimore, MD
United States
Alaura Keith, BA
Auburn, WA
United States
Gabby Pizano
Auburn, WA
United States


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