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Welcome to the CHE Partner Directory. This directory lists Organizational and Individual CHE Partners by name, geographic location or type of organization. The list below reflects the new CHE Partners who have joined CHE within the last 30 days. Questions about this directory should be sent to info@healthandenvironment.org.

New CHE Partners
Kerry Meydam, BSc and Assoc. in Health Sciences
Durham Environment Watch
Courtice, Ontario, Canada
Anna Pollack, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA
United States
Susie Cousar, M.S. Public Health Education-Environmental Health, Health Behavior
Professor, Faculty, Teacher
Lane Community College
Eugene, OR
United States
Joan Smith, Master of Science
Speech-language Pathologist
Billings, MT
United States
Scott Vorhees
Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci
Joplin, MO
United States
Barbara Harper, PhD, DABT
West Richland, WA
United States
Julie Fox, PhD
Environmental Epidemiologist
Washington Dept of Health
Olympia, WA
United States


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