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Welcome to the CHE Partner Directory. This directory lists Organizational and Individual CHE Partners by name, geographic location or type of organization. The list below reflects the new CHE Partners who have joined CHE within the last 30 days. Questions about this directory should be sent to info@healthandenvironment.org.

New CHE Partners
Laura Munley Capponi
Fairfax, VA
United States
Brian Bunn, Dual MPH (C) - Epidemiology & Environmental Health Science
Institutional Environmental Control Manager
Indian Health Service
San Carlos, AZ
United States
Jill Carnahan
Medical Director
Flatiron Functional Medicine
Louisville, CO
United States
Lweendo Namitondo
Lusaka, Zambia
Dania Valvi, PhD
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Boston, MA
United States
Dan Linkie, Phd
Congers, NY
United States
Joseph Delfino, PhD, BCES
Professor Emeritus, Environmental Engineering Sciences
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
United States
Laura Zeigen
Liaison Librarian
Portland, OR
United States
Anna Rock
McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Cambridge, MA
United States
Krista Christensen, MPH, PhD
UW-Madison / Wisconsin DHS
Madison, WI
United States
Lori Ann Burd
Center for Biological Diversity
Portland, OR
United States
Elizabeth Kamai
Chapel Hill, NC
United States
Bryan McKinnon
Environmental Health Specialist
Kitsap Public Health District
Bremerton, WA
United States
Katie Tomsho
Boston University School of Public Health
Boston, MA
United States
Kevin Elliott, PhD
Associate Professor
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI
United States
Amanda Roth
Dix Hills, NY
United States
Margaret Wexler
Norwich, United Kingdom
Will Page-Echols, D.O.
Integrative Physician
Full Spectrum Family Medicine
East Lansing, MI
United States
Hirsch Center for Integrative Medicine
Olympia, WA
United States
Margaret Kral
Durango, CO, CO
United States
Sharon Goldberg, MD
Glow Health PA
Surfside, FL
United States
Barry Wayne, MD
Chula Vista, CA
United States
Simon Gruber
CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities
Cornwall, NY
United States
Shannon Morgenstern
Calgary, Canada


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