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CHE Partnership call: Maternal Bisphenol A Programs Offspring Metabolic Syndrome
Wed, Sept 17

CHE Partnership call: Climate Change and Health - What's New and What To Do?
Thurs, Sept 18

CHE Partnership call: Prenatal Exposures: What Do Providers Know?
Tues, Sept 30
Hosted by the CHE Fertility and Reproducitve Health Working Group

CHE Partnership call: NIEHS and Environmental Health Disparities in Alaska
Wed, Oct 1
Hosted by the CHE Alaska Working Group

9/9/14: MP3 recording available: PCBs in Schools - Still a Problem?

7/10/14: MP3 recording available: Breathing Deep: Air Pollution, Health, and Public Health Policy

6/18/14: MP3 recording available: Prenatal Exposure to EDCs and Obesity: Combining Toxicology and Epidemiology with Dr. Juliette Legler


CHE Partners on why they value our work

CHE Partner Directory
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Welcome to the CHE Partner Directory. This directory lists Organizational and Individual CHE Partners by name, geographic location or type of organization. The list below reflects the new CHE Partners who have joined CHE within the last 30 days. Questions about this directory should be sent to info@healthandenvironment.org.

New CHE Partners
Rachel Monerasinghe
Hutt Valley DHB
Brooklyn, United States
Timothy Jason
Toronto, Canada
Bridget Hanna, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Northeastern University
Cambridge, MA
United States
Jaime Szeinuk, MD
New York, NY
United States
Christine Vatovec, PhD
Burlington, VT
United States
Lucy Kenyon
Santa Rosa, CA
United States
Test Test
Test, CO
Jessie Lyle, MA, MHCA/AT
Clinton, WA
United States
Aveni Haynes, MBBChir, PhD
Telethon Kids Institute
Perth, WA
Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH
Asheville, NC
United States
Integrative Medical Group of Irvine
Irvine, CA
United States
Geoff Davis
New Haven, VT
United States
Martina Anto-Ocrah
Rochester, NY
United States
Allison Stradiotto
Napa, CA
United States
Carly Raasch
Communications Associate
Conover + Gould
Washington, DC
United States
Daniella DeLozier, MSPH
Public Health Specialist
State of Alaska, Division of Public Health, Maternal Child Health Epidemiology
Anchorage, AK
United States
Adriana Voss-Andreae, MD, PhD
Portland, OR
United States


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