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CHE Partnership call: Interactive Effects of Multiple Pesticides on Human Health – A 2016 California Report
Thurs, July 7

CHE Partnership call: A Consensus on the Environmental Chemicals Contributing to Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Project TENDR
Tues, July 12

CHE Partnership call: TSCA Reform: Understanding the Science, Implementation, and Implications of the New Chemical Safety Act
Wed, July 13

CHE Partnership call: Protecting Alaska's Children from Neurodevelopmental Harm: Project TENDR
Wed, July 20
Hosted by CHE-AK

CHE Partnership call: Autism Pathways Analysis: A Functional Framework and Clues for Further Investigation
Thurs, July 21

CHE Partnership call: Fatty Bones Make Bad Skeletons: Influence of Bone-disrupting Chemicals across the Lifespan
Tues, July 26

6/29/16: MP3 recording available: Using Science to Set Regulatory Criteria: Identifying Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in the European Union

6/22/16: Clarifying EMF and Cancer: Precautionary Occupational Strategies and Results of the NTP Cell Phone Studies
This call was not recorded

6/15/16: MP3 recording available: Mercury in the North: Sources of Contamination and International Policies to Protect Health & Human Rights


6/7/16: MP3 recording available: Exploring Multifactorial Contributors to Disease Outcomes: The Possible Role of Acetaminophen in Asthma and Autism

5/24/16: MP3 recording available: The Human Microbiome and Health Effects on Prenatal Microbiome Exposure


5/18/16: MP3 recording available: Signaling Mechanisms by Which Xenoestrogen Pollutants Disrupt Normal Estrogenic Signaling


CHE Partners on why they value our work

What Our Partners Say

(excerpted from the CHE Partner interviews)

"CHE is a catalyst for the essential and well-established environmental health movement because the environmental health movement wanted to happen – was ready to happen. It is the community of the concerned that is growing - exponentially."
-Jeanne Rizzo, RN
Executive Director, Breast Cancer Fund


"CHE fills a critical need at a time of genuine threat and urgency. Thank you for your leadership."
- Richard Joseph Jackson, MD, MPH
School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley
Former California State Health Officer and Director of the CDC National Center for Environmental Health


"I am inspired by CHE and all whose passions are to prevent and understand environmental effects on reproductive health and development and to make a difference in the public health. Keep up the good work!"
- Linda C. Giudice, MD, Ph.D., M.Sc.
Professor and Chair, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco


"I like the way Orion Magazine recently described CHE as a series of "intimate conversations" between scientists and public health advocates. I think that's exactly right.  In addition, CHE serves such an important role as a clearinghouse of good, readable information on so many environmental health problems. The peer-reviewed summary reports are just great. I've seen firsthand the effect the CHE website has had in community organizing efforts."
- Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D.
Author, Living Downstream and Having Faith, Biologist, Cancer Survivor, Mother, Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Ithaca College


"With its growing stellar community and body of activities and resources, CHE has become a luminous symbol of hope in the firmament of inspiration lighting the pathway toward sustainability."
- Terrence (Terry) J. Collins, Ph.D.
Thomas Lord Professor of Chemistry and Director, Institute for Green Oxidation Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University


"CHE has done an amazing job creating a forum where environmentalists and health professionals can come together and discuss important environmental health issues at a sophisticated technical level. The ability to attract academic public health and biomedical science professors and other professionals is great testimony to the scientific quality of the CHE efforts."
- John Balbus, MD, MPH
Director, Health Program, Environmental Defense


"CHE has been very helpful in bringing the latest science to activist representatives. Those people can then take the information back to their groups to be used in their advocacy efforts."

- Dr. Mark Mitchell, MD
President, Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice


"CHE provides a tremendously valuable network that takes us beyond our own day-to-day concerns, linking across issues and geography. It provides practical opportunities to share resources.  CHE’s snowballing constituency together with the commitment to civil discourse has great potential to advance consensus that will generate action on environmental health policy."

-Julia Brody, Ph.D.
Silent Spring Institute


"This has been an extraordinary effort to build the community of scientifically-informed advocacy for a cleaner and safer environment. I have valued the opportunity to participate in conference calls, regional meetings and the effort to influence the American Cancer Society's understanding of environmental causes of cancer."

- Richard Clapp, D.Sc., MPH
Professor, Department of Environmental Health, Boston University, School of Public Health


"CHE consists of and has provided the technical expertise to assist communities in dealing with a host of environmental and human health related situations. Through the newsletters and conference calls CHE has provided information to a host of experts who have responded to specific situations in communities. The ability to focus on specific community needs and to link the technical experts with the communities is an extremely valuable role that CHE has and continues to play."  
- Wilma Subra
New Iberia, Louisiana


"CHE has been particularly useful in helping us to broaden our Tribal and community networks in the area of health and the environment and I think that we in Alaska can serve as a model on how CHE can better serve rural communities."
- Shawna Larson
Environmental Justice Program Director, Alaska Community Action on Toxics (ACAT)


"CHE has been an excellent resource in Seattle, Washington. I believe it is really important to continue to create more CHE groups throughout the US. CHE helps to capture people's creativity and energy to address local issues on environmental and human health. It is very important to continue the efforts to bring diverse people together that share a common interest in the environment and human health."
- Steven G. Gilbert, Ph.D., DABT
Director, Institute of Neurotoxicology & Neurological Disorders (INND)


"CHE has done an excellent job of staying on top of the most current science on a panoply of issues. We just need to make it more available to the average working parent who gets most of his or her information from YouTube.com, USA TODAY and FOX News."
- Jackie Hunt Christensen
Co-chair, CHE Working Group on Parkinson's Disease and the Environment





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